Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of people live in cohousing communities? Cohousing residents tend to think outside the box and have a creative outlook. They also typically value environmental stewardship. Many are academics, scientist, artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers and mental-health professionals. A recent national survey showed that 60% of cohousing residents have graduate degrees and about 75% are introverts.

  • How can I get to know other potential residents? After attending an outreach session, you will be invited to join our potluck group. Potential residents will be invited to potlucks and other events to get to know each other. If you live out of town, send us a message and we will arrange a phone call.

  • When will construction be complete? We are currently working on home designs and will begin construction in the fall of 2019. We estimate moving into Weaving Water in the spring of 2021.

  • What are expected home prices? Many decisions about the homes and common house will be made by the initial residents, those who join Weaving Water in early 2019. These will include interior finishes and fixtures, exterior cladding, mechanical systems and outdoor porches/spaces among other features. The home prices are difficult to pin down since these decisions have yet to be made. We expect home prices to start at $265,000. Please reach out to for the most up-to-date cost estimates.

  • What amenities will Weaving Water have? The initial members will collaborate to determine all the features on the over 12 acre Weaving Water property. Early plans include a 2600sf common house with a kitchen and dining room for community meals, movement and music space, guest rooms, outdoor decks, screen porches, and more. We are also planning for ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees. We expect to have a workshop and group storage spaces.

  • How is the construction being financed? In order to finance the construction loan for the community, residents will be expected to contribute 6-34% of their home price before construction begins in the fall of 2019. Contact us to get specific details on the financial contribution schedule. If you currently own a home and plan to use part or all of the down payment on your current home to finance your home at Weaving Water, please talk to Danielle about possible financing options. Our investor can help allow you to be part of Weaving Water’s development process.

  • Are there local examples of cohousing communities in Durham? We are lucky to have several cohousing communities in the Durham area. Eno Commons, Durham Central Park Cohousing and Pacifica inspired Weaving Water in different ways. Solterra, Elderberry and Arcadia are also close by. Two other communities are currently developing in Durham. Village Hearth is an ages 55 plus community with rural/suburban feel. Bull City Commons will be a multi-generational condo community with an urban feel near the corner of Hillsborough Rd and Trent Dr.

  • Where is the community being built? The address is 3912 Rivermont Rd, Durham, NC 27712. It is a 10-15 min drive to Duke University, 15 min to downtown Durham. It is walking distance from Valley Springs Park and Eno River State Park's Pump Station Trail.

  • What are the area schools? The zoned public schools for Weaving Water are

    • Hillandale Elementary (Easley Elementary for year-round: must apply to lottery)

    • Brogden Middle (The School for Creative Studies for year-round: must apply to lottery)

    • Riverside High

In addition, Durham has many magnet schools. Students must enter a lottery to attend them. There are also many outstanding private schools in the area.