o   Visit The Cohousing Association of the United States website and watch cohousing videos among the many resources. Visit the Fellowship for Intentional Community website. Here are a couple cohousing-focused Ted talks: Grace Kim and Courtney Martin.

o   Attend one of our upcoming outreach events. Get an overview of Weaving Water and ask questions about our community. If you live out of town, write us at weavingwaternc@gmail.com to schedule a phone session.

o   Attend one of our upcoming site visits to see our beautiful property and talk with some of our members.

o   Read Creating A Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian.

o   Attend a potluck, hike or other social event to get to know current and exploring members.

Associate Member

So you have attended an outreach session and researched cohousing and want to learn more about our community. To become an Associate Member of Weaving Water and reserve your seniority for selecting a home, households must go through the following process:

  1. Complete a Questionnaire

  2. Bring your family to a social event

  3. Attend a Plenary meeting (monthly business meeting.) Remote options are available.

  4. Submit a Preliminary Financial Disclosure form

  5. Schedule an Orientation Meeting* where you will learn more about Weaving Water, including the development status, estimated prices, construction timeline, investment structure, and membership process among other topics.

  6. Submit $150/household to become a Weaving Water Associate Member and reserve your seniority for selecting a home.

*At the Orientation Meeting, the applicant will be assigned a Full Member in the community to help answer their questions. Prospective residents are encouraged to work with the community members to review the community’s documents of interest to them, including financial and legal documents, meeting minutes, decision log, and design documents.