Chris a curious being who loves to wander. Finland, Iceland and Norway are frequent companions and continue to beckon her. She is drawn to the place where land meets the sea, reminiscent of her youth in coastal NH and continued explorations on Cape Cod.

Chris has resided on the border of Chapel Hill and Durham for 3 decades, with her wife/partner of 25 years, Pamela. Her interests include being in nature, contemplation, and walking with friends. Chris appreciates shifts in her perspective that allow her to see things anew. She enjoys music and the arts and is an avid fan of Duke Women’s Basketball.

Chris is a seeker of awe and wonder. Her biggest desire is to explore and practice the art of being present. There Chris finds joy, peace and connection.


Danielle, Henry & Alina

Danielle’s early childhood in the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains established a deep connection for deciduous forests, meandering streams, and extended sunsets.  Danielle, a structural engineer by profession, enjoys experimenting with modern and post-modern dance and photography and is always excited to witness good architecture.

Henry grew up near the beach in Southern California. Henry, a professor of Electrical Engineering at Duke University, enjoys playing piano and guitar in his spare time. 

Their daughter, Alina was born in 2009. She enjoys reading adventure and fantasy books, performing arts, and “hikesploring” along the Eno River. 

Together they spend time hiking and playing board games. What they value as a family is a love of learning, outlets for creativity and building community with individuals who share a respect and appreciation for nature, enjoy interesting conversation and are excited to take on new challenges and adventures.


Elaine & Eric

After living in Greenville, NC for 28 years, Elaine and Eric moved to Durham in 2016 to be close to their granddaughter; their daughter and son-in-law happened to come with the deal.  Elaine is a retired physical therapist, and Eric is a retired allergist/clinical immunologist.  Elaine is an avid reader and a life-master, duplicate-bridge player, but she has been known to play with commoners.  When Eric retired he became an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer.  He has a special interest in landscaping with native plants. He also enjoys woodworking projects and cooking.



Hannah is a native Illinoisan. She moved to the Triangle in 2014 for economic and personal opportunities as well as ample sunshine. Since then, she has served in AmeriCorps and worked for local nonprofits. Hannah currently lives in Cary with her boyfriend, Pawel, and their three dogs, Kayla, Obi, and Mack. They all enjoy going for hikes at any of the NC State Parks. Hannah also likes to play volleyball, do crosswords, scrapbooking, and test new vegan recipes.


Larissa, Geoff, Nick & Dash

Larissa and Geoffrey moved to Durham from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013. Larissa homeschools their twin sons and teaches movement classes. She enjoys walks in the woods, curling up with a good book, and gardening. Geoff, a web software developer, is a fan of hiking, biking, and getting in a hammock on a pleasant day. Their kids enjoy hopping on rocks in the Eno and all things Lego and Minecraft. The family's interest in cohousing was piqued when they first moved to Durham. As city folk, the appeal of Weaving Water is being connected to nature while still living in community with neighbors and sharing resources. 



Linda grew up on a tobacco farm in eastern North Carolina and moved to the Triangle area after graduating from UNC at Greensboro because it was such a progressive area and close enough to enjoy both the ocean and the mountains.  Her love of nature, music and dance has been pervasive throughout her life. She loves to garden, hike, kayak, sail and do most anything around water. As a singer, she has performed with both the Durham Civic Choral Society and had her own band, “Lulu and the Lounge Lizards.”  Holding a Masters degree, she has now retired from 25 years as a counselor and almost 15 years as Director of corporate training and organization development with several organizations. She comes to Weaving Water because she loves the natural environment and the opportunity to collaborate with others in creating a vibrant community.



After being born in Paducah, KY, growing up in Westport and Wallingford, CT, and attending high school and college in NJ, Pam moved to Durham in 1987 for grad school at Duke.  She is a swimmer. She does crosswords. She enjoys double espressos. She is a twin. She loves Finland, Iceland, Cape Cod, and Maine. She danced with Chris in 1993 and has been her partner ever since. Listening to birds, especially the Eastern Towhee, and noticing the wind give her delightful pause.  



Pawel was born in Poland and lived in Montreal before moving to Raleigh. He went to NC State for his undergrad and App State for Grad school. He now lives in Cary with Hannah and their three dogs, works in RTP as a software developer and in his free time plays in the Raleigh Street Hockey League, racquetball and volleyball at the Cary YMCA, gets his hands dirty in his garden and delights in all the natural wonders that North Carolina has to offer.