Living in community allows us to share resources and thus, consume less.

This is particularly true in cohousing communities who, like Weaving Water, view nature as central to their mission and purpose.


How will Weaving Water reduce its carbon footprint?

  • First, the land where the neighborhood will be built is a pre-existing homestead with a meadow and space for homes already cleared.

  • Out of respect for the earth, square footage of the homes will be limited (800 - 2000 square feet per home). Entertainment space and guest rooms will be shared through the common house.

  • Weaving Water will embrace green technologies that reduce energy consumption, such as passive solar design, geothermal heating and cooling, and solar water heating. The homes will also utilize sustainably sourced materials.

  • The land’s open, natural space invites ample opportunity for growing vegetables and fruit trees, and other agricultural endeavors.

  • Residents can share gardening equipment, tools, food, car rides, and countless other items and resources that allow them to live lighter on the earth.

  • Finally, the neighborhood’s close proximity to nature will instill the value of environmental stewardship in all its residents, especially its youngest members, who will carry those ideals on to future generations.